Choose Aeration and Overseeding for Your Fall Lawn Care

The warm Delaware summer never fails to leave us feeling a little happy that fall and winter are here to stay for a while. Our outdoor spaces have served us well over the warm season and they deserve to have us treat them well too.

While we’re all out enjoying summer parties, playing games, and rough-housing with our pets, our lawns take a serious beating. They are meant to be used, but just like any entertainment piece, they need to be rejuvenated about once a year. Core aeration and overseeding can be just the tool for this.core aeration

Start With Core Aeration for Space

The unfortunate truth is soil will become compact no matter what. Even if you care for your lawn down to each individual blade of grass. Even if you never set foot on your turf. The only feasible next step is to ensure yearly aeration for your turf. Essentially, aeration is the act of pulling up parts of your turf to strategically allow water, air, and nutrients back through it.

This lawn service is extremely popular because there is virtually no wait time, the results happen as the treatment happens. Results will conclude with a healthier, thicker, and darker green grass that will brighten up your landscaping.

When to Aerate

This treatment is best done right before fall, and sometimes right in the spring. The idea for getting this process done in the fall is that you won’t have to worry about it in the spring. Your turf will already be completely taken care of. It will have the room it needs to grow and accept nutrients that nature (and you) gives it. Cool-season turf (bermudagrass and zoysiagrass) are best done in the cool-season. Early fall is when most benefits can be reaped from this process.

How Do I Know If I Have Compacted Soil?

Compacted soil usually has its routine tell-tale signs. It could be anything from yellow grass or water pooling.  water running off onto the sidewalk, tough soil, or a buildup of thatch. You can determine if you have tough soil by taking a sharp gardening tool and seeing how deep you can push it into your soil. Finding thatch buildup can be done by observing the water runoff. You will likely feel like your lawn is “spongy”.


Follow-Up with Overseeding

Following aeration with some overseeding will only give your turf the extra boost it needs. Healthy turf will last all winter. Aeration is essentially the primer for overseeding. By allowing proper airflow, your turf is ready to accept the extra nutrients that come from overseeding. This process generally includes just laying out additional, excess seed to your already existing lawn. It is normally a mix of grass between what you already have and another species. This will allow your turf to become more resilient.

Choosing to Aerate and Overseed.

Quality Cut Lawn Service is ready to take on your aeration and overseeding needs. We know that the best methods for a great summer lawn are to start in the fall and prevent any harm that winter could bring. Allow us to help you aerate and overseed your turf this fall!

Contact us online now or call us at 302-420-7597 to learn more about each of these programs and how we can help protect your Delaware lawn.