The Benefits of Fall Leaf Removal

The air has gotten colder, days have gotten shorter, and we have been ready for football for quite some time. Mid-fall is here, and with it, beautiful fall foliage. But when the leaves fall, they can wreak havoc on both the roads and your lawn.

That’s where Quality Cut Lawn Service steps in. Our experienced technicians eliminate unwanted leaves, sticks, twigs, and branches throughout your lawn and gardens. Dry piles of leaves covering your yard are not only unattractive but pose several threats to both your lawn and your safety. Below, we have listed a few reasons why it’s important to maintain your fall lawn care and practice annual fall leaf removal.

No SPF Needed Here, Leaves Naturally Block All Sunlight

A blanket of leaves left over the winter can be harmful to cool-season grasses such as Tall Fescue and Kentucky bluegrass. Cool-season grasses are called such because they are most active during the fall and winter. When they are provided with enough sunlight, water, and nutrients, in the fall, they tend to revitalize themselves strengthening their root systems. A thick blanket of leaves, however, will block the sunlight and water and deprive anything underneath from these critical elements. Raking your leaves or having them removed, ensures your soil and root systems can breathe and receive the proper sustenance needed to flourish.

Where There Are Darkness and Moisture, Fungus Will Grow

Fall leaf removal here in Wilmington, DE will help prevent snow mold and other lawn fungus.
Piles of wet leaves can lead to mold growth and promote different types of fungal diseases. It can cause irreversible damage to your lawn. Mold and other fungi do not die over the winter; rather, they lay dormant. When spring comes around, they start growing on other plants and lawns. Removing your leaves can also help to prevent snow mold, a lawn disease that appears in the early spring as the snow melts. It is caused when snow covers the ground for an extended period but doesn’t completely freeze. It can also occur when leaves are not properly removed.

Leaves Make a Great Home for Pests

Critters love dark, wet, hidden places, and piles of leaves are the perfect environment for them to thrive. Once spring arrives, the critters will emerge from their hiding spot and destroy parts or all of your yard.

Leaf Removal Decreases Thatch

Raking your lawn can help remove patches of thatch that has built up on your grass over time, helping you in the long run from having to spend more money on having thatch removed from your lawn.

Slippery When Wet

Wet leaves can cause both cars and people to slide. Wet leaves are very slick, and as you drive over them, the wheels of your vehicle have less traction when stopping. Combine this with rain, fog, or other weather elements, and you have a recipe for disaster. Leaves also obstruct the view of potholes, signs and other markings on the road. Not only do we suggest that you drive slower and more carefully when it rains, but by removing the leaves in your backyard, you are helping to prevent them from blowing onto the roads during a windstorm.

There is no need to stress. Quality Cut Lawn Service can handle all your fall leaf removal for you. We offer yard clean up and a full menu of other lawn related services. Give us a call now at 302-420-7597 or request a free estimate here.