The Importance of Aerating and Overseeding

As the days start to get shorter we inch closer and closer to the cooler temperatures of fall. During the intense dry summer, your yard probably has experienced a lot of stress and is beginning to show signs of damage. Even though summer is coming to an end, your grass still has a few months of growing left. Just like with spring lawn maintenance, late summer lawn care is important and ensures that your grass comes back healthy next year.

The best way to solve many problems at once is with core aeration and overseeding. After a summer’s worth of foot traffic, your yard may be showing signs of soil compaction. Compacted soil denies your grass air, water, and nutrients and can cause it to decline and eventually die if action isn’t taken to remedy it.

What Are The Causes Of Soil Compaction?

The most common ways soil becomes compacted is from:

  • Riding mowers
  • Foot traffic
  • Construction traffic
  • Thatch buildup

What Are The Signs Of Compacted Soil?

When your grass is starting to feel the stresses of soil compaction look for these tell-tale signs:

  • Yellowing or dying grass
  • Extremely hard soil
  • Squishy grass
  • Water runoff
  • Water pooling in areas

Aeration is an essential late summer lawn care service that pulls out plugs of soil to relieve compaction in Bear City, DE lawns.


When your soil is compacted there really is only one way to fix the issue and that is with core aeration. This process works by using a machine to pull plugs from the soil, allowing for air, water, and nutrients back into the roots of your grass. This helps promote deeper root growth and a stronger, more beautiful lawn.

When Should I Aerate My Lawn?

If your lawn is showing signs of decline even after you water it then it might need to be aerated. Aeration should be done while your grass is still growing so it can recover faster. The climate here in Delaware is best suited for cool-season grasses which means that the best time to aerate your lawn is in the spring and fall.


Aerating your yard is just one step in repairing your lawn. When aeration is followed up with overseeding, you can see a vast improvement in the look and health of your grass. Overseeding is simply spreading new grass seeds over your existing lawn and it has numerous benefits.

Protection From Erosion

Strong roots help hold the soil together and reduce runoff.

Healthier Looking Grass

Weak and bare spots will fill in, creating a more uniform-looking lawn.

More Tolerant To Disease And Pests

Usually overseeding is done with different grass types than your current lawn to boost its resistance to pests, drought, and disease.

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