5 Steps to Protecting Your Lawn in the Summer

As the summer progresses, taking care of your lawn might have proven itself to be a bigger feat than you had initially thought. Between proper fertilization, mowing, weeding, and all the little tasks in between, you might feel like you’re at a loss for what the next step is to make your lawn the best it can be. 

Following a regularly scheduled fertilization treatment process could be the answer to your lawn care plateau. Keep reading for some fertilizer tips that will take your lawn care above and beyond and make your neighbors jealous.

Although spring has already passed, it’s still a good idea to start with the first steps to ensure your lawn is prepped correctly. Starting out with a granular fertilizer and weed applications, your soil will begin to feel revitalized and ready to grow as the season progresses. Your entire property should be treated with liquid pre-emergent weed control to halt seasonal weeds when they start to rear their ugly head

Getting Into It

Here’s where it’s more relevant to the current summer season. July is a great time to fertilize your lawn to protect it from bugs and pests that have begun to make their homes in your outdoor space. To save your turf from being over-treated, you should opt-out of using a full-coverage treatment this time around and instead use a spot treatment. This will stop your lawn from being overwhelmed and save it from being burnt. Residual weeds like crabgrass should be specifically targeted. 

What Happens After Summer?

Fall and winter might seem like times to let your lawn be, but there are ways to treat your yard during the cooler months that will allow it to prepare for the following summer and give you a better turf year after year. Feeding your lawn in the fall with another round of fertilizer will enable it to get a second dose of those essential nutrients and promote soil health and encourage strong roots. 

Are You Ready to Ask For Help? Quality Cut Lawn Service is Here For You!

Lawn care becomes overwhelming, especially when you have things to worry about, like your career, family, and taking time to enjoy your life. With Quality Cut Lawn Service’s five-step lawn care and fertilization program, you can take the stress out of your life knowing that our highly trained team members are there for you. 

Quality Cut Lawn Service knows you might not want to dive deep into your fertilization schedule. Therefore, we also offer our lawn services in a more compact program to make it more budget-friendly for our customers who are not ready to commit to a half-year process. 

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