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Lawn Care In New Castle

Your lawn is what showcases your home. You see it every day, and passers-by do too. When your lawn is covered with brown spots, weeds, and disease, it overshadows your home. Quality Cut Lawn Service can get your lawn to up to optimal health and even design landscaping for your liking!

We’ve been in business in New Castle since 1996 and have grown into a business with highly trained and talented lawn care and landscape technicians. Join our Quality Cut family and enjoy the lawn of your dreams!

Lawn Fertilization in New Castle

We stand behind our five-step lawn fertilization process. We use full-coverage granular fertilizer and spot fertilization. This will keep your lawn green during every season. We apply the type of fertilizer needed for the appropriate season. We’re trained to know, upon inspection of your lawn, exactly which products will best benefit your particular grass type. Call us today for your lawn fertilization needs!

Lawn Mowing in New Castle

Mowing the lawn keeps it growing thick and lush. This keeps thatch at bay and the roots moist, prevents soil compaction, reduces weed growth, and regulates the ground temperature. We make sure your lawn is scheduled at the frequency that keeps your lawn in perfect health. Leave your lawn to us and contact us today. 

Aeration & Overseeding in New Castle

Core aeration and overseeding are the least known of the lawn maintenance process. If you are watering, mowing, and fertilizing but see your lawn deteriorating, that’s a sign that it’s time for aeration and overseeding. The issue is compacted soil and thatched grass that is not allowing water and nutrients to penetrate the ground and reach the roots of your lawn. We will take small plugs of grass out and loosen up the soil, then apply the appropriate treatment and overseed to replace the grass that was removed.

Landscape Design & Installation in New Castle

Landscape design can make an ordinary yard into the diamond of a neighborhood. Wouldn’t you love to have your yard designed to your specifications? Your yard is a statement and can be designed to be an outdoor living space or an extension of nature.

Call us to assess your yard so we can design the landscape for you.

Every Quality Cut Lawn Service project begins with a thorough property evaluation. Call us today, or fill out an online request form, to schedule yours!

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