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Additional Lawn Services

At Quality Cut Lawn Service, when it comes to lawn and landscape offerings, we truly do it all. Since 1996, we have partnered with home and business owners throughout New Castle County to establish ourselves as the region’s one-source provider of customized turf solutions. In addition to our core services such as fertilization, aeration, mowing, weeding, overseeding, and landscape designs, Quality Cut Lawn Service also offers a host of other capabilities to meet every client’s individual property needs.

Our Additional Services menu includes:

Stone Spreading in DE

At Quality Cut Lawn Service, we recognize that sometimes our clients prefer crushed stone instead of mulch in their residential and commercial landscapes. Much like mulch, our premium quality crushed stone regulates both temperature and moisture levels in the soil to protect surrounding plants. However, unlike mulch, crushed stone doesn’t rot or decompose, meaning that it rarely needs replacement. It’s also heavier than mulch and is able to withstand high wind and storm conditions. Additionally, because it doesn’t decay, crushed stone also doesn’t attract bugs, insects, and other pests.

Sod Installation in DE

Our sod installation services provide an ideal solution for home and business owners who want to enjoy the look and feel of an “instant lawn.” Whether used for new construction or implemented into an existing landscape, Quality Cut Lawn Service’s sodding installations deliver a myriad of benefits including:

  • Less required irrigation
  • Faster lawn density
  • Soil erosion prevention

Top Seeding in DE

Sometimes, a generally healthy lawn needs a little extra care and attention, particularly in the spring after a long, harsh winter. Enter our top seeding services. Quality Cut Lawn Service applies Tall Fescue grass seed directly into your existing turf, without having to tear beneath the soil and disrupt your lawn’s root systems. Top seeding provides an easy way to eliminate bare spots, improve turf color, and establish a thick, dense lawn full of healthy, thriving grass.

Whether used alone or in conjunction with some of our other services, Quality Cut Lawn’s additional services can play a pivotal role in the strength and longevity of your lawn, flower beds, and gardens.

Customer Service Excellence Is Our Top Priority

At Quality Cut Lawn Service, we make customer satisfaction and service excellence our top priority. We partner with our clients throughout the process to truly understand your specific property requirements, goals, and budget. Beyond our competitive price points, we also offer our customers three payment models to choose from:

  • Prepay (includes pricing discount)
  • Autopay
  • Direct billing

Our flexible payment options ensure that all customers find the right financial fit to suit their particular needs.

Additionally, at Quality Cut Lawn Service, we stand behind our work. If one of our services misses the mark, we’ll reapply or retreat for a second round, without charge, to ensure we don’t just meet your expectations, we exceed them.

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