9 Benefits Of A Spring Yard Cleanup

Ah, spring! Warmer weather and more daylight hours are fast approaching. March is the time when many people embark on the annual deep-cleaning of their home. This could take the form of decluttering Marie Kondo-style or going over everything with the vacuum twice. This year, why not add “spring yard clean-up” to your spring cleaning regimen? There are many reasons to do this beyond prepping your mower for the warm months. Having a solid spring clean-up plan now sets your yard up for success for the whole year.

When To Do A Spring Yard Clean-Up

March is the perfect time to schedule a spring yard clean-up service. The grass and other plants haven’t started growing in earnest, and the pests are not out in full swing. Therefore, you can tackle protecting and nourishing your yard before problems ever arise. Here are just nine of the many benefits that come with having a professional clean-up performed.

1. Say Goodbye To Debris

Winter winds and heavy winter ice can wreak havoc on your yard in many forms. When ice clings to trees and shrubs, they can lose branches. Heavy snows can foster snow mold, and you likely won’t notice it until spring arrives. Your lawn care technicians will remove fallen branches, twigs, and dead leaves leftover from fall. You may be wondering: aren’t dead leaves good mulch? Indeed they are, but too often, the leaves are too thick, and this creates micro-environments where diseases like mold, mildew, and fungi thrive. Many pests are also attracted to dank, dark places. Your lawn care techs will also give your lawn good thatching. As grass goes through its natural cycle and the blades die off, they fall back into the soil and provide nutrients. When there’s too much of this thatch build-up, however, it smothers your grass. Thatching your lawn gives it room to breathe – literally.

2. Enjoy A One-Stop-Shop Experience

Renting or buying all the equipment and materials needed for a proper spring yard clean-up can be pricey. Hiring a professional company is more cost-effective, and you won’t have to lift a finger. No more lugging bags of mulch. No more combing the aisles of the hardware store for the ideal fertilizer. With a simple phone call, you can have all of your yard’s needs taken care of by a team of technicians who have years of experience and professional licensing.

3. Your Yard Is Ready For Longterm Success

When the heat and pests of summer arrive, your yard will stand a better chance against them if you’ve taken proper care of it in spring. While nothing in life is a guarantee, taking good care of your yard now only increases the likelihood of it thriving later.

4. Keep Trees Safe And Healthy

When trees have dead or dying branches, they look unsightly and pose a safety risk. When branches fall, they can damage homes, vehicles, and people. Having a professional trim and prune your trees and shrubs is an excellent item to add to your spring yard clean-up checklist. It keeps your trees healthy, shapely and eliminates future headaches.

5. Mulch Correctly

As mentioned above, some people rely on the dead leaves naturally produced by their trees as mulch for their garden. While this can be beneficial, if you don’t run the leaves through a mulcher, apply too thick of a layer, or create a “mulch volcano,” you aren’t really doing your yard any favors. There are many different forms of mulch, including stones, and some may be better suited than others, depending on your unique situation. Don’t be afraid to ask your lawn care professional about which type of mulch or stones are best for you!

6. Get Rid Of Gross Gutters

If you’ve ever cleaned a gutter, you know how easy and quickly dark black sludge can build up. This is caused by organic material breaking down over time. While this stuff is a great fertilizer for your garden topsoil, it certainly doesn’t belong in your gutters, where it can clog them and prevent proper water flow. Digging out the yuck and flushing gutters with the garden hose is exhausting work that requires many trips up and down a ladder.  Why not let your yard clean-up crew handle it?

7. Say Good Riddance To Weeds

Applying a solid pre-emergent, the selective herbicide will safely and effectively eliminate weeds before they have a chance to sprout while at the same time leaving your other plants and grass unharmed. Selective herbicides mean they only target the undesired plants, and pre-emergent, as you might have surmised, means weeds are targeted before growing. There are also post-emergent weeds for weeds that crop up later in the season.

8. Enjoy A Thicker, Lusher Lawn

This dual application is truly one of the best spring yard clean-up tips we can offer. Aeration and overseeding are two common lawn applications that go hand-in-hand and for a good reason. Aeration opens up the soil so that water, air, nutrients, and sunlight can find their way to grassroots more easily, and overseeding quickly and efficiently fills in thinning or bare patches of grass. And when overseeding is done after aeration, the tiny holes created by aeration allow the turfgrass seeds to more easily take root in your lawn.

9. Get Advice For The Future

As your lawn care crew preps your yard for spring, they can make recommendations and point out things you can do as summer and fall come. They can also alert you to any problem areas. For instance, if you’ve got water pooling on your property, this could be a mosquito haven later on.

Schedule Your Spring Yard Clean-Up With Quality Cut Lawn Service

Just say the word, and an army of licensed professionals will arrive at your home to tackle your spring clean-up needs. Quality Cut Lawn Service is pleased to offer a spring yard clean-up program covering everything from gutter cleaning to aeration and overseeding, so your yard is set up for success for the coming year. Give us a call at 302-420-7597 or contact us online here. Looking for more lawn care tips and advice? Give our monthly blog a gander!