Fall Cleanup: Prepare Your Delaware Lawn For Fall

As we say goodbye to the warmth of summer and await the approach of winter, you are probably not as thrilled about doing yard work as you once were. Many people think that just because the growing season is coming to an end, so does yard work. The choices you make for your yard now will affect the health of your lawn in the spring. It’s time to get out there one more time and prepare your lawn for fall.

Rake Your Lawn More Than Once

Fall cleanup, liking raking your leaves, is essential to giving your Bear, DE lawn the boost it needs to stay healthy through the winter.
Raking is probably the least looked forward to chore for homeowners, but as tiresome as it may be, it’s essential to ensure next year’s healthy Delaware lawn. As leaves blanket your grass they block out sunlight and lock in moisture, creating ideal conditions for mold and lawn fungi to thrive. Leaf blowers work great to remove leaves but it doesn’t remove the thatch that could have built up under your grass; too much thatch can lead to soil compaction and a host of other problems. If raking all those leaves at once seems daunting then try raking once a week as the leaves fall to make your job a little easier or check out our fall cleanup program.

Don’t Stop Mowing In The Fall

As temperatures cool it may seem like your grass is done growing for the season, but don’t put the lawnmower away just yet. The grass will keep growing until the first frost and if you let it grow too long it will get matted down under the snow and could lead to snow mold in the spring. Keep mowing your grass regularly. This will make raking much easier by keeping grass short and chopping up leaves.

Continue To Water Your Lawn

As autumn settles in the change in weather will lead to more rain, dew, and less evaporation. But even during this time, your lawn can experience drought conditions if it isn’t receiving at least an inch of water per week. Continue to follow proper irrigation methods to keep your lawn green and healthy throughout the season so that it will be ready to fend off weeds in the spring.

Fertilize Your Lawn

Fertilizing in the fall is a great way to ensure your lawn has enough stored energy to survive the winter and emerge thick and strong. Thick, healthy lawns can actually prevent weeds from germinating in the first place by blocking out sunlight. If you have had trouble with weeds this year then maybe you should consider getting a head start and fertilize your lawn in the fall.

Fall Is The Best Time To Aerate And Overseed

During the summer your yard can take a beating with foot traffic and thatch buildup. This can lead to compacted soil which can deprive your grass of essential water and nutrients. Aerating and overseeding in the fall will give your lawn the boost it needs and prevent a headache for you in the spring.

Signs Your Lawn Needs to be Aerated?

      • Pooling water
      • Thin or bare spots
      • Water runoff
      • Spongy grass

Call Quality Cuts For Your Fall Cleanup

There is a lot of work to do in the fall but you can always make things easier on yourself by hiring the pros at Quality Cut Lawn Service. We provide fall cleanup services to make sure your yard is ready for winter and aeration services to ensure your lawn comes back strong in the spring.

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